Maui and Sons Woman Pichilemu Pro 2014 champion, Dax McGill: «I definitely wanna come back»

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Foto: Diego Grez/Diario El Marino

She was happy. Though she will have to return tomorrow to Hawaii, the winner of Maui and Sons Woman Pichilemu Pro 2014, Dax McGill is already thinking of coming back, to conquer once again the waves of Pichilemu, which she visited for the first time. McGill spoke with «El Marino» newspaper and she let us know, briefly, her impressions about the championship, and gave a message to the community which received her for the recent days.

— Dax, what are your impressions after surfing here in Pichilemu, Chile?
«I’m so happy to be here, the waves are really good, it’s a little cold, but I’m having fun!»

—Will you come back to surf here in Pichilemu? Is it in your expectations?
«Yeah, I definitely wanna come back»

— Do you wish to send a message to the community of Pichilemu and surrounding cities?
«Thank you everyone for having me, it was great to be here, and I can’t wait to come back home with my friends and family»

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